Second #1GAM

So I had extra time to brain-storm this month due to being away from computers for two weekends and various other reasons. First there was the infinite runner with shooting instead of jumping. I started to question how to go about making it as simple as a jumping infinite runner (which uses just one button) and decided it might not be as simple as I had thought. Then I started thinking about the theme for the month.

The theme for April 2014 #1GAM is Water and I kept thinking about a platformer in the desert. But as I let that idea grow, it quickly became apparent that I didn’t want to do anything straight-forward¬†enough given the time constraints. I was sort of discouraging myself for the April challenge and had to take a step back.

Simple, core idea, coriest of core (reference to corier core). Rain and fire. Rain puts out the fire. Let the player grab/fling the rain. I finished the majority of the game in about 6 hours, but there was no score or end condition. Here’s a screenshot:


You could try to keep the flame alive, or hasten to extinguish it. I was feeling I had gone too simple and that it was boring, but the month was nearly over! So, embrace the simplicity; collect time-based score for both things the player could do and add a nice rain background sound. Play the game here!

For future reference, the extra thinking time this month didn’t help me accomplish anything!

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