Snowman Day!

For December, #1GAM chose “Snow Day” as the theme. As I was aware that this may be the last or second-to-last Phaser game I create before using Unity, I decided to incorporate some of the Phaser physics this month, using a shell of a Phaser example as the starting point. In this game, the player makes a snowman via slinging snowman parts across the screen. It is the player’s choice whether the snowman looks correct, and the option to reattempt to add the part is present. There are still some physics/game design modifications that will be made, but have fun making a snowman in the meantime!

Update: There have been some modifications made to the original Snowman Day! game, most notably the platform to which the created snowman will sit is on the same screen as the launcher, and the user can make adjustments to the launch position with the aid of the x/y launching coordinates displayed. The collision detection, as may be obvious, is not pixel-perfect, but this should not hinder the ability to make a snowman!

Snowman Day HTML5 Phaser Game

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