Death Beckons You!

For October, #1GAM chose “Death” as the theme. I felt that the Grim Reaper definitely needed to be included in my game and thought he should, in effect, haunt a house. In my game, a player goes from room to room. Within each room, the player first turns on a light, which then exposes a key to the next room and the Grim Reaper. The player then collects the key in the dark (memorization of the layout of the room is helpful), avoids the Reaper, turns on the light again, and navigates to the next room. This is the first game where I introduce two different modes of play. I must warn that this game is still in the beta stage and has not yet been tested as much as I would like. Further updates to follow within a month!

Death Beckons You! HTML5 Phaser Game