Candy Snake

For November, #1GAM chose “Luck” as the theme. I had actually just created a mini-game for “All is Faire in Love of Renaissance” using leprechauns and shamrocks, so I decided to make a candy-themed game instead. I love the original Snake game! Back in the day, I would play it on my Nokia cell phone. I thought I’d make a candy version of this game, in which the user needs to collect candy in a specified order. There is actually an element of luck to it, so maybe I satisfied the Luck theme after all!

Candy Snake HTML5 Phaser Game

One thought on “Candy Snake

  1. Nicely expanded version of the original Snake! It took me a few seconds to understand the idea but when I got it I liked it immediately. I’ve also thought about trying to create Snake using Phaser – maybe an identical version of the original Snake so it would arouse some nostalgic feelings. 😉 Keep up the good work!

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