Each of the games developed with be listed with a brief summary.

The “FleaGame”:

Avoiding any need for graphics, the objects in the FleaGame are all very tiny basic shapes. The game has platforming elements and weapons meant to destroy swarms of flies. This game was created partly as an example to a co-worker of how simple a platformer mechanic could be (meaning the elements of gravity, velocity, and collision detection). The FleaGame is more of a platform for learning and experimenting then a game that will get finished, but I do have some ideas for what it would take to “finish” it.


EmoSine Screencap

My take on Flappy Bird using a gravity mechanic. I borrowed much of the structure of this from the Flappy Bird tutorials at I made the faces in GIMP to have some graphics of my own making and because I plan on familiarizing myself more with GIMP for future use.

Water Game:


The Water Game is a simple game that used the theme of water. You can protect the flame or race to put it out. I’ve been calling it a sort of “zen” game because of its simplicity.