One Game A Month

I have signed up for One Game a Month (#1GAM)! The basic premise is to publicly declare your participation and then follow through on it. Getting a game finished monthly forces you to follow through to the end of a project repeatedly, learning new things every month about the process of creating a game. The “rules” are pretty loose, but if you cannot be honest with yourself, you won’t be getting much out of it anyway.

Speaking of which, I sort of put off officially participating until I had already finished my first game… Oh well, gotta have your priorities straight, right? For now you can find it under the Projects Page in the Menu above and it is called EmoSine (<- or just follow the link). The elevator pitch on this game is “Flappybird but with a gravity mechanic.” So far, feedback includes “difficult” and “addictive”, so not bad so far! Of course it could use a few additions as briefly discussed over at my post on html5gamedevs, but I need to get started on April’s game first!

EmoSine Screencap

Continuing on with 1GAM, my intention is to follow through on some very simple game ideas. I currently have a list of 6 or 7 that I came up with during a meeting for my full-time job in which I had some spare time. Some of those ideas include: an alternate take on an endless runner, playing with crowd dynamics, learn about the physics engine capabilities of Phaser using a Lego-like building game, something to do with minions, and more!

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