The name of the site is derived from a choice that I make with some of my free time. I believe this may be a common choice for those with full-time commitments (like a job, family, etc.) who want to develop a game when they have the time.

Should I play one of the games I have or make one?

So what are the goals for the site?

  • Spend more time Making and Developing Games
  • Serve as a vehicle for talking about Game Development
  • Share new things learned about Game Development
  • Write about what’s being played if no Making or Developing is happening


  • I want to make video games.
  • I have much to learn.
  • Talking about them is a good secondary way to stay interested


Given the update frequency here, you can see that all of this has fallen to the way-side. The goals were briefly achieved, but no real motivation was achieved. That said, being able to host web games that could be shown to friends has been nice and is the only reason the webpage is still up. I’m looking to revamp this whole place, if I can ever get ahold of my spare time.

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